Unexpected DELIGHT at Tennessee Brewery Untapped

So I went to Tennessee Brewery Untapped this week, excited a group of citizens made the effort to breathe life into an abandoned building, even if it’s just for six weeks.

I stumbled upon this young man, sitting in a corner, typing on an old school typewriter.



“Personalized poems,” that’s new.


Waiting in line, I heard a young girl tell the poet she likes candy, gymnastics, talking a lot and reading.

He sat there typing for about three minutes.


He then pulled the page out of his typewriter and read the most precious poem to this little girl.

She ran off SO EXCITED, feeling so special.


The line started forming, people waiting to find out how this poet would portray their life stories.

It almost turned into a series of counseling session, as people revealed their deepest thoughts.

He listened, typed, never using White Out or tossing a page because he never makes mistakes.


People donate however much money they want for the poems.


Finally, it was my turn.

He asked me to tell him about myself.

I told him I am happier than I’ve ever been, I have spent most of my life putting work first and I am finally finding balance.

I told him Memphis is the place where I truly found myself – that I love to travel and meet new people – that my profession as a journalists allows me that luxury and I am a free spirit.


On the spot, he wrote me this poem in about three minutes:


Adam Maldonado is a Memphis native whose mission is literacy.

I’m grateful to be poem #one.thousand.fortytwo.


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