50 things to do when you turn 50, CS Lewis

Just turned 50! So, I’m making a list of 50 goals, big and small, celebrating half a century on earth.

This list is clearly a work in progress…

  1. Find true love (to finally know my parents’ peace in 55 years of marriage before daddy passed)
  2. Keep my credit score above 800 (protect that credit with your life)
  3. Remove toxic people from my life (be intentional about who I get close to)
  4. Reach my ideal weight for once in life (struggled with weight since 5-years-old, gotta get it together)
  5. Spend intentionally with companies I trust (I no longer want to give my dollars to mean people)
  6. Invest in a skin routine (at 50, there’s more to skin than baby oil – don’t judge me)
  7. Try a professional makeup session (I hosted an event and they did my makeup – gotta to try it again)
  8. Start painting again (all of my paintings from childhood to adult were stolen during a move – PTSD)
  9. Get more sleep (enough said)
  10. Learn more about crypto and NFTs (crypto is fascinating)
  11. Meditate regularly (I used to do it and it was so calming)
  12. Buy a designer item (I’ve never had a real desire for major brands, but I will try it at least once)
  13. Get my living will notarized (please pull the plug after a month and donate my organs)
  14. Invest in real estate again ( should have never given up that AirBnB when I became a caretaker)
  15. Start doing yoga again (it changed my life 15 years back, I have to find the time)
  16. Save more money (I want to chilax when I retire)
  17. Start microblogging (need to chronicle stuff I would send to my younger self to help other women)
  18. Write a screenplay (I have a cool idea I need to get out, just do it)
  19. Keep a plant alive (I have a brown thumb in more ways than one)
  20. Drive a car on a racetrack (I love driving and want to take a loop around a race track)
  21. Wear a bikini (I’ve never worn one)
  22. ……………………………

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